Wednesday , 3 January 2018

Eid Ul Adha Mubarak to all of You!

Today is the day of happiness and joys. Today is the second Eid of this year (2013) and this Eid is basically called “Eid ul Adha”. This day is celebrated all over the world by Muslims. This Eid is also called “Eid-e-Qurban” where Muslims sacrifice or slaughter Halal animals such as Cow, Goat, Sheep, Buffalo and Camel etc to remember the Qurbani of “Hazrat Ibrahim A.S” one of the prophets by Allah.

On this occasion we want to say a “Happy Eid Mubarak” to all of our readers and visitors who made this blog the most visited blog in Pakistan and India, we thank them for their kind support and precious time to read our articles/tutorials.

Eid Mubarak 2013

The Eid day is of course, for sacrificing Animals as well as spreading love around you, but don’t forget to visit helpless and poor people and spend some time with them and provide them some foods as well as the meat of Qurbani. There are thousands of people who actually need your help on this day. So the actual job of celebrating Eid is; to help the needy people who really need the help of others.

Our Journey So Far

This blog ( was started on 3rd December in 2011, you can check the domain age by going to It was firstly hosted on and after one and half year of its success, sudenly blogger disable this blog and removed it from their servers. We were shocked at that time, but we never gave up and sat up this blog on WordPress. We started it again from 0, and now Alhamdullillah we are ranked on the top for the same keywords when we were on blogger. Moreover, we are now receiving the same traffic we were receiving on blogger. So this is the journey going on and after a month we’ll complete our 2 years Inshallah.

During this period of time, you guys supported us a lot in terms of great feedback and also taking our services and courses in DVDs which we’ll always appreciate and we can’t find words to admire your support and love you showed for this small blog.

Note: We’ve given a 40% discount offer for all of our DVDs courses which is valid till 5th Day of Eid ul Adha. So you can take advantage of it till 20th October, 2013, visit the Buy a DVD page now for getting this great discount on all courses.

What’s Next?

As this is our 5th Eid we are celebrating with you together, and we’ve never thought that we’ll be apart, so we’re promising again that we’ll continue our struggles to provide you the best tutorials in Urdu language to make you ready for everything you want to do in the future. Moreover, We’ll create more professional courses in DVDs and will offer you with a reasonable price.

We hope this journey will continue until we are alive in this world. Keep us visiting in the future and don’t forget to Say “Eid Mubarak” to us in the comments, because we want to hear more love and support from your side. We need your appreciation and motivation in order to work more hard and to produce more great quality tutorials.

Again, Wish you and your beloved family a Happy and Prosperous Eid ul Adha Mubarak <3 

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  • Eid mubarak to you also …

    • Kher Mubarak Bhai jan. Thanks for wishing us the blessing Day.

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    Khair Mubarak Wali Bhai 🙂


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    assalamualaikum, Happy Eid ul Adha Mubara to all of’s readers,; wali bro you will written a great article, humay aaj k din khaas toor pa GHAREEB logone ko yaad rakhna chahia, Q K ya qurbani hote he unn k leya ha, jo k aaj kal k halat ma meat nahi kha saktay, ya qurbani unn ka HAQ ha, humay unn logon ka bohat khayal rakhna chahia, thanks for reading this comment

    FOR ADMIN WALI KHAN, wali bhai aap na ghor keya, ma na sirf k readers ko Happy Eid Mubara kaha, aap ko nahi kaha, why ? –> Q K aap ko ma [ AKHTAR MUBARAK ] kahta hoo ; [ wali roor daar-a-mena sara AKHTAR MUBARAK to you and all of your family ; thanks

    • W/salam,

      Bundle of thanks brother for wishing our readers and us a blessed Eid Mubarak.

      And dera dera Manana che mata mo especially pa Pakhtu zhaba k da akhtar mubaraki auwaila. I really appreciate it. Best Regards;

      • waleed raza


  • EID MUBARIK SIR AND LOVE YOU SIR ………sir ap say question pocha tha ap jo make money ka course day ray hai is me jis ki english thek ho wohi money make kar skta hai yah is me kch asn kam b hai kiya plz reply?

    • Kher Mubarak brother,

      jo making money ka course ha us ma 30 ways to make money online ka course hai jis ma aasan aur mushkil dono methods hai.

  • Eid Mubarak to you and your entire team; after reading your post I have also decided to shift my blog on wordpress before Blogger delete it without any reason. I think now newbie should be advised to directly start their blog on personal hosting instead of taking lot of risk to first start on blogger and then shift on wordpress either smelling rat well before time or after being bitten by snake and then take the panacea from wordpress

    • Kher Mubarak and yes brother we now always recommend WordPress even for a starter blogger.

  • Aap ko bhi Eid ul Adha Bohat Bohat Mubarak ho.

    • Kher Mubarak bro and thanks for the wish.

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    • Kher mubarak bhai, and same to you and your family.

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    Khair Mubarak Wali Bhai Apko aor ap ki family ko bhi meri taraf sey bohat bohat Eid Mubarak.

    • Thank you very much brother for wishing us the blessed Eid Mubarak!

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    wali bhai
    I learn about SEO full my website is
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  • Hello Walli Bro Happy Eid, I have a issue … Mere Google adsence ke ads Mobile mai show nahi hote … Baki vo computer mai to show hote hai show please tell me What i do. Kyuki mera 80% traffic from mobile user so hellp me

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  • Eid mubarak Sir

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