Complete E-commerce Website in PHP & MySQL (Urdu-Hindi)

After so many projects and video tutorials on PHP & MySQL web development in Urdu, we lastly released our complete PHP & MySQL Urdu course in DVD, which helped a large number of students across Pakistan and outside Pakistan. We included 25 hours of video content in that course including some small & mega projects. But the question is, does world end up there? No, not at all. We have to go a step ahead every time we do something new, and thus, we came up with our most awaited video course in Urdu “Creating an ecommerce website using PHP & MySQL from scratch”. We were requested by many of our students about this project, and we have finally created it with all passion & energy. Let me remind you that the world still doesn’t end up here. We’ll be going more forward in the near future. But over this page, let’s talk about our most awaited PHP & MySQL project.


What’s an E-commerce website?

If you have ever come across a website on the internet where people can buy products online and can pay online, or something like online buying and selling automatic systems which are basically called “ecommerce” websites. You can take an example of worldwide or in Pakistan. So we are trying to build the same thing in PHP & MySQL from absolutely scratch. And the great point is always that, it’s in Urdu language which is easily understandable for people living in South Asia.

This course is a unique course of its kind, because according to my information, even in English there is no such course exist on the internet. So we’re proudly presenting it in Urdu.

Now if you want to see what we are going to create in this course then have a look at the screenshots below:

Front-end website of this Project


The above is the main website for this project which will be visible to the visitors/customers who want to order products, visitors can view products, can order products, can search products and can browse through the brands and categories, and finally they can create their free accounts.

Customer Account View 


The above screenshot is of the customer account, when a customer wants to order, he/she must create an account, so after they create an account, that will be like the above one, where they can manage their information and orders details.

The Back-end Admin area for this project


The above screenshot is of the Admin Panel for this project, where Administrator with username & password only can access this panel, he/she can manage the whole website & cms. We have kept it very simple for this project.

If you are convinced with above then simply buy the complete course with huge discount now:

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What will you learn from this course?

If you take this course, you’ll learn creating a complete ecommerce website in PHP & MySQL from scratch, we’ll also be using JavaScript, HTML and CSS while creating this project. Furthermore, we’ll use Dreamweaver CS5 as a text editor in this course.

Following are some of the key points in this course: 

  • A complete ecommerce website (in PHP & MySQL)
  • The website layout (in HTML+CSS)
  • The database with 7 tables for this project
  • Relation between the tables
  • Creating the search engine for the project
  • Creating the customer General User Interface
  • Creating the functions for whole project
  • Shopping Cart for holding customer’s orders
  • Offline Payment option
  • Admin Panel to manage the content
  • User Sign Up application
  • User Sign in application
  • Admin Login application
  • Category & Brand based website
  • Uploading website to online web server
  • Much More………..

These tools or technologies will be used in this project: 

  1. PHP (Server Side)
  2. MySQL (Database)
  3. Apache (Server)
  4. XAMPP (Combination of above all)
  5. HTML (To structure web pages)
  6. CSS3 (To create website layout)
  7. JavaScript (For some specific tasks)
  8. Dreamweaver CS5 (For inserting the codes)
  9. FileZilla (For uploading the e commerce to online server)
  10. Cpanel (For online server)

ECommerce Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Now it’s time to show you some real time work, it’s a video course in Urdu/Hindi languages to create this thing from scratch, you’ll watch all the starting videos of this project one by one in Urdu. Remember that the videos are hosted on YouTube, so if you are watching from Pakistan then first open YouTube and then watch the videos playlist below.

Videos Playlist on YouTube!

After watching the above introductory videos of this course, we know you have found it great among all other courses, therefore you can now confidently buy it either from Udemy or in DVD, take action now:

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If you think we have shared something useful for you then don’t hesitate to share this content with your friends on social media, just take a few seconds to share this whole course on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Thanks for that and do post your questions & suggestions in the comment section. #HappyWebDevelopment

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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    • More videos will be uploaded soon, visit this page most often to see more videos.

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    Wali bro I am getting an error on this script in video number 13 time may be 14 minutes and code is

    if($product_title==” OR $product_cat==” OR $product_brand==” OR $product_price==” OR $product_desc==” OR $product_keywrods==” OR $product_img1==”){

    echo “alert(‘Please Fill All Fields!’)”;



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    if($product_title==” OR $product_cat==” OR $product_brand==” OR $product_price==” OR $product_desc==” OR $product_keywrods==” OR $product_img1==”){

    echo “alert(‘Please Fill All Fields!’)”;



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    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      You need to carefully watch the videos again, because what you are saying is working perfectly in the course I’m teaching, However, in PHP there is always a chance for silly mistakes, so carefully watch the videos and double check your code for any errors.

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    Error 404

    Apache/2.4.12 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1l PHP/5.6.8

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    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

    Error 404

    Apache/2.4.12 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1l PHP/5.6.8

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    function total_price(){

    $total= 0;

    global $db;

    $ip = getIp();

    $sel_price = “select * from cart where ip_add=’$ip'”;

    $run_price= mysqli_query($db,$sel_price);

    while ($p_price=mysqli_fetch_array($run_price)) {

    // taking data from 2 tables

    $pro_id = $p_price[‘p_id’];

    $pro_price = “select * from products where product_id=’$pro_id'”;

    $run_pro_price= mysqli_query($db,$pro_price);

    while ($pp_price = mysqli_fetch_array($run_pro_price)) {

    // getting many value in one array


    $values = array_sum($product_price);

    $total +=$values;



    echo “$” . $total;


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