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10 Killer tips to increase Blog Visitors in 2014

Generating more and more organic traffic towards a blog has become a necessity for survival in the World Wide Web. Many of us use to adopt the ways and tricks to increase blog visitors, so that we can enjoy huge earnings from adsense and affiliate marketing strategies. The urge to become dominating in the world of internet leads every blog owner work hard and hard. So if you want to know which tips would really be effective to help your generate blog visitors, then here you are.

The More you learn about SEO, the more you’ll be rewarded by search engines, so you need to consider the year 2014 as game changing year, and focus on all of your SEO strategies once again. So you might get success and bring your website on the top of Google. Let’s have a look at the tips below.


#1; Claiming the blog domain:

Most of the people don’t care of claiming the hosting and domain services of their blogs with their own name. But to rank your website better in Alexa ranking you have to claim both the domain and hosting with your name. This is very easy, you can just verify your site in Alexa by putting its meta tag inside your site or uploading the HTML file they provide, and for domain name you can use Google Webmaster tools.

#2; Set-up Alexa widgets:

To maximize your chances of getting more traffic for your blog, you should set up alexa widgets on it. This is essential due to the reason that Alexa keeps a record of the hits and impressions which fall under its widget system. This would definitely help you increase your visitor as you would be clear with how to improve the ranking at alexa.

#3; Generate quality Backlinks:

The significant role of backlinks in the life of a blog or website can not be ignored. By generating quality backlinks with different strategies such as forum posting, guest article writing etc. you can be ensured that quality backlinks are being developed for your blog and ultimately it is getting double and triple the traffic of what you desired / expected.

#4; Generate massive traffic from forums:

Forums are the places where millions and billions of people come and join different conversation on a daily basis. So this is your golden opportunity to generate massive traffic from forums towards your blog. Take interest in forum communications and become a part of the conversations and insert your blog link over there. This would ultimately help you increase blog visitors tremendously.

#5; Become social media habitual:

The use of social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, linked-in and google+ etc. is a must to generate traffic for the blog. If you really want to maximize the number of visitors for your blog, then you have to become habitual of updating your social media pages and profiles on a regular basis.

#6; Try using your email signatures:

Many of the people / visitors who come to your website and contact your via email or Contact Us form are crazy about professional email signatures. Make sure when you respond their inquiries, you have inserted a catchy email signature to keep them occupied and urge them visit your blog again and again.

#7; Use simple domain names:

The readers usually give preference to the blogs and websites which have simple and short formed domain names. Make sure you have the one which can easily be memorized. This would definitely help the readers visit your blog again and again as they would find it to be no problem in typing your simple and quicker domain name in the search box.

#8; Hire an SEO:

Without taking help of an SEO, you can not generate traffic for your blog. Make sure whoever you hire for this purpose is experienced enough to get your work done properly.

#9; Take advantage of communities:

No matter the communities are of social media websites like facebook or some other marketplaces like, you can always take advantage of them to increase your blog visitors. Insert your blog links at such platforms more and more so that the people can know about it and are urged to visit it regularly for getting updates.

#10; Online Marketing:

Online marketing is a kind of promotional idea to spread the URL of your blog around the globe. So you can also use this tip to be ensured that your blog is being visited by numerous potential readers or clients.

If you have any question or have more tips & ideas then don’t hesitate and share them in the comment section, so we can love your voice. You can also share this post with everyone if you liked it 🙂

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