Thursday , 4 January 2018

CSS Web Designing Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

As you may have noticed that now I am publishing complete tutorials at once. Today I am going to share complete CSS Video Training in Urdu language. CSS is totally a colorful language for styling websites and web pages. You can set a beautiful style for your website and then apply it on entire HTML document or a specified page.  CSS3 is something amazing, this is the latest standard for CSS globally, and is having a lot stuff to play with. CSS3 has changed the entire concept of web designing. Now JavaScript and Flash’s usage will be reduced as much as possible, because CSS3 gives you power to create animations, transitions and make an object visible or invisible when you want. So here you’ll learn it completely in Urdu and Hindi languages in the shape of video tutorials.

css in urdu

CSS Style Sheet Complete Video Training in Urdu

A playlist below is containing all the video tutorials we recorded for CSS, so you just need to play one video the another one will play automatically, and this course contains more than 30 videos at the moment, but this list will be updated time by time when new videos are uploaded. For now enjoy learning CSS.

What are coming in the future?

Actually I’ve planned to create some professional layouts using CSS3 and HTML, so if time allowed I’ll be coming up with a lot of fancy stuff in CSS including website layouts and templates. You just need to stay with us here. And if you liked this course then do share it with your friends.

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Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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