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How to create Android & iOS apps for Mobile phones?

The world of technology has made our lives easier. Nowadays all of the mobile users love to give a hand to android and ios apps. Downloading these apps from the online stores like google play is always an interesting and convenient way to enjoy them both online and offline. You won’t be irritated with your favorite apps any time of the day or night. However, in this post, we are going to share some tools or platforms with you which you can use to create your own android and iOS applications. We have gathered the list of top apps creators online, so you can try them for free.


Creating android and ios apps:

Some people believe of themselves to be creative and intelligent enough. If you want to build up your own app business then first you should know how to create android and ios applications by your own? Well getting the answer of this question is quite easy, you just have to stay tuned with the mobile market and should know what is needed for creating different applications.

Now here comes a great new for those who want to create their personalized android and ios applications. Plenty of tools and softwares are available to get facilitated from. Let’s check out which are the best tools.



This is a quite interesting and useful app creator. With mobile roadie, you can create and manage personalized android and ios applications without any issue. It has a lot of features which you will never feel irritated of. It is also well supportive for the social media networks like facebook, twitter and linkedin etc. What I mean to say here is that once you have auto created your newer app, go to the social sharing option and let the world know about your amazing creation.

First Android mobile app

This is not actually a tool but a beginner guide. With this guide you can learn how to create mobile applications both on ios and android platforms. Even if you have insufficient knowledge about these creations, then that won’t matter at all. This guide is always there to teach you the creation of your favorite gaming or non gaming app, which means you can become self-app creator and market it for the purpose of selling afterwards.



This is another yet great tool to create free android and iOS applications for mobile phones, already thousands of apps have been created since the launch of this tool and the amazing aspect is; it’s absolutely free to use and no programing or coding is required to create your first app in no time. If you are really serious to create android or iOS apps then do give this tool a try.



If you want to create mobile apps such as games, software and anything for both Android & iOS operating systems then you can use to do this easily, this is a tool provides you free access to use their resources for creating your first app. You can have a lot of fun while creating your first app. You can even make money online with your apps if you want to.



This is a wow tool for creating any kind of mobile applications including android and iOS apps. it has a large community of people working together and having a large amount of apps already created using this tool. You’ll find it worth trying to create something unique for the mobile world. A shining collection of small tools are available to design a beautiful mobile app in very less time using this tool.



This is a useful and well featured app. It provides you the platform of building best ios, iphone and android apps. This app is fully featured and well enhanced to learn step by step android and ios app creation ideas. You will find it highly customized, in other words we can say that its templates and designs will make your creations, access and icon setting easier and quicker than what you could ever imagine being.


Last but not the least comes the name of game salad. This is an interesting HTML based tool which allows you to create personalized and professional android and ios apps. It has so many features and programs that you will never be short of ideas. Get as many templates, themes and concepts as you want by subscribing its paid option. Those who want to have professional apps and run their businesses should not miss to have this app. It’s dragging and drop down options and well enhanced interface allow you create standardized and professional apps as per the demands and requirements of your customers.



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