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Corel Draw X6 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

In order to become a graphic designer, you need a few important software to learn i.e Photoshop CS5 or newer version, Illustrator CS6 or newer version and importantly Corel Draw X6 or never version. These three software are necessary for every graphic specialist who want to become something particularly in Graphic Designing. We’ve already shared a complete course on Photoshop CS5 in Urdu which you can find on this website and can watch, and today we’ll share a complete list of new Corel Draw X6 video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi. And we’ll also create a complete course on Illustrator CS6 in Urdu/Hindi very soon and will publish here, and furthermore, if you need something more complete then you can visit the buy a dvd page on our site in order to buy a course.


What’s Corel Draw X6?

It’s a graphic designing software which is used to create graphics using the vectors and lines, it’s a specially for drawing something, I mean you can draw lines/vectors and can make a shape from it. This is a product of Corel corporation who has many other products related to video editing and graphic designing and the latest version of Corel Draw is X7, but in this course, we’ll learn X6 because both are similar. However, after watching this course, you’ll be able to work in X7 too.

What’s included in this course?

You’ll learn understanding the basic interface of Corel Draw X6 as well as all the basic tools, and You’ll also learn the menus. And at the end of the course, You’ll learn creating different projects in Corel Draw such as visiting cards, business cards, Pena Flax, DVD covers and different brochures etc.  And your instructor in this course will be Osman Shahbaz who is a co-instructor here at We hope you’ll learn something new from him in this course, and if you have any question then you can post that in the comment section.

How this course is structured?

Below is the list of video tutorials in a single playlist, and you can watch the videos one by one, but the important thing to note is that the videos are hosted on YouTube, so you have to first open YouTube in order to watch the videos, and for opening YouTube in Pakistan, you can simply use “Zenmate” extension for Chrome browser which will allow you use YouTube easily in Pakistan. Now watch the video tutorials below in Urdu.

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