Friday , 30 January 2015

CorelDraw X4 Video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Few days back, I published complete Corel Draw 11 video course in Urdu. People always try to learn the latest versions of any software. Therefore, I have decided to teach you Photoshop CS, Corel Draw X5, Adobe Flash CS5, Dreamweaver CS5 and all other software in the future. Whenever I get time I make different tutorials and try to upload them to my youtube channel and to my blog. For now you can learn complete course of Corel Draw X4 with great HD video examples. This course contains 18 video tutorials and made by Irfan Wazir Ali. You can also learn this course made by me. But that one is corel draw version #11 and this is # X4. I will make X5 tutorial as well. Stay Tuned!

corel draw x4 in urdu

Learning Corel Draw X4  free in Urdu

We are happy to have a number of free Urdu tutorials for you on different topics. We’ve planned to share as many tutorials as possible on every topic. We’ll serve you with more advance courses in near future. This course is about Corel Draw X4 which is second last latest version of Corel. So you can easily learn this software free of cost in Urdu language. And after this you should also check out our complete graphics designing course in Urdu language.

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