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Complete Computerized Accounting Video Course in Urdu

Computerized Accounting is an important subject for those who’s educational subject is commerce and people related to banking & trading. Before going learning computerized accounting one should already have the basic concept of Manual accounting. But if someone doesn’t have the basic concept then here is a complete video course of computerized accounting which is from basic to advance level. In computerized accounting field there are three major software in the market which are used mostly. The most popular is Peachtree and the other two are Quick Book & Tally. Tally is an Indian software. I have combined these three software in one page. You can learn complete computerized accounting by watching below video playlist of tutorials in Urdu language.
accounting in urdu

1. Learning Peachtree in Urdu

The first software Peachtree is used mostly now a days. You will learn complete video course of Peachtree by following a given link. On this page there are 2 playlist of Quick Book and Tally, while you can also learn Peachtree complete course by following this link: Peachtree Complete Video Training in Urdu

2. Learning Tally in Urdu

The second software which is made by Indian programmers is called Tally. You can learn the complete video course in Urdu language. below is a playlist in which there are 10 video tutorials included and you can watch all of them. You can also download the videos to your computer.

3. Learning Quick Book in Urdu

The third most usable accounting software is Quick Book. Here is a playlist of video tutorials in Urdu about Quick Book. You can learn the Quick Book from basic to advance level with practical examples. You will learn how to create accounts & projects in Quick Book in Urdu. It is a complete Video course.
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