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This post is all about the details and features of our web designing package in DVDs. As all you know that I’m providing free tutorials in Urdu & Hindi for last two years, and I hopefully can say that this will be continued for the future. But meanwhile,  I’ve taken online work as full time job. Therefore, I thought to provide you complete courses in DVDs, which will be different than our online content. And I started this service in 2012, but recently I created absolutely new courses for DVDs and it took my a lot of days and nights. Hard Work is my passion and I did my best to provide you courses which are actually meeting your needs. I tried to give each and everything in these courses. And for me this is very necessary to run this blog by providing some services. For More services visit here.

website layout in css

So now in this post I’ll discuss one of the courses in DVDs, which is web designing. In this web designing course I’ve included five technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript+jQuery, Dreamweaver & Blogger. So these all can make you a web designer in very less time if you give a little time to learn it from my DVDs. As I already mentioned that I’ve created absolutely new courses for DVDs and which are much better than our old courses of 2012. And this time I can guarantee you that you’ll learn practical work in the course you are purchasing in DVDs.

The Content of the Package

1. HTML (For Example Video Click Here)

HTML is included in this package and total 50 videos will teach you HTML completely with practical examples and many projects. Our previous course had only 21 videos and this time we’ve doubled the videos with great learning materials. Some of the content is being mention here which are included in our HTML course:

  • A comprehensive introduction with presentation on HTML
  • Creating Basic Structure
  • Basic Tags of HTML
  • Using Headings & Paragraph Tags in HTML
  • Inserting Links & understanding HTML Links
  • Using Marquee Tag in HTML
  • Inserting Images in HTML
  • Working with DIV Tags
  • Adding Videos in HTML
  • Adding Audios in HTML
  • Creating Tables & understanding Tables in HTML
  • Unorderd & Ordered lists in HTML
  • Creating Forms & understanding Forms in HTML
  • Working with HTML IFRAMES
  • Inserting Comments in HTML Document
  • Understanding the Special Tags i.e Meta Tags, Script, Style etc
  • Introduction to HTML 5.0
  • New Introduced Tags & Elements of HTML 5.0
  • What can we do in HTML 5.0
  • Website layout in Table
  • Website Layout using DIV Tags
  • Website Layout only in HTML5 & CSS3
  • All the source files will be in the DVD

Here are the templates that we’ve just created using simple HTML in this course:

This is Layout#1 Created only using Table

HTML website Layout

This is Layout#2 Creating only using Div Tags

HTML website template

This is Layout#3 Creating Using CSS3 & HTML5 (Mobile Friendly)

website layout in css

 In above website designs we also have uploaded two of them to let you know that how can you upload a website after creating it offline. Also the first design is one column template and the second one is two column template and the last one is a mobile friendly template which was created only using CSS3 & HTML5. We first time worked making a mobile friendly template using CSS & HTML. So this HTML course is all what you need to learn it completely along with HTML5 new features.

2. CSS (For Example Video Click Here)

Now the CSS part is more interesting than HTML, my new CSS course contains 60 videos which will teach you CSS from basic to Advance Level. The most important new properties of CSS3 are explained very well. Also a new business type template is created only using CSS, and moreover, the mobile version of that template is created for making the site mobile friendly for all mobile devices. Here are the contents of CSS course in DVDs:

  • Introduction to CSS
  • The Syntax
  • The Methods of Using CSS
  • CSS Text Properties
  • CSS Font Properties
  • Styling Backgrounds in CSS
  • Styling Images in CSS
  • Styling Links in CSS
  • Styling Lists in CSS
  • Styling Tables in CSS
  • Creating Borders in CSS
  • Border-radius or rounded borders in CSS
  • CSS Text Shadow
  • CSS Box Shadow
  • Box Model in CSS
  • Margins & Padding in CSS
  • CSS Postioning
  • Floating & Aligning in CSS
  • CSS Display Property
  • CSS Visibility Property
  • CSS Outlines
  • CSS Columns
  • Creating Classes in CSS
  • Creating IDs in CSS
  • Creating Pseudo Classes or compound classes & IDs in CSS
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS Animations
  • Creating Images Gallery in CSS
  • Creating Horizontal Menu in CSS
  • Creating DropDown Menu in CSS
  • Creating a mobile friendly website in CSS
  • Customizing existing website/blog’s CSS styles

So the above are the content or material you’ll learn having bought the course in DVD. Here is the business type template we’ve created in CSS, this template has two versions, one for desktops and one for mobiles.

This is the Desktop version of the CSS Layout

website layout in css

This is the mobile version of the CSS layout

mobile website layout in css

3. JavaScript & jQuery (For an Example Video Click Here)

We have 50 videos in DVD course for you, the course will tech you the basics and some advance projects in JavaScript & jQuery. So we hope you’ll enjoy this course as well.  We have given you idea in above HTML & CSS course outline. So the same kind of content we have in all courses.

4. Dreamweaver

I always like to work in Notepad, so that I can remember the codes, but it is a better idea to use Dreamweaver after remembering all the CSS, HTML & JavaScript codes, Dreamwever makes it easier for you to manage your website in very less time. We’ve 40 video tutorials for you to learn Dreamweaver completely. We have given you idea in above HTML & CSS course outline. So the same kind of content we have in all courses.

5. Blogger

Blogger is a free publishing tool online where you can freely create a blog within minutes. You can also test your web designing skills using So we have a 50 video tutorials course for you in DVDs. You can easily learn each and everything about blogger by purchasing our course.  You’ll be able to create your successful blog on, you’ll be able to customize your blog’s template you’ll also be able to SEO optimize your blog.

The course total price is: 8000PKR 

The duration of the course is: more than 15 hours

Total DVDs for this course: 4

Number of Videos: 220

Note: You can purchase any of the single courses as well, such as you want to purchase the HTML or CSS course, then you’ll have to purchase at RS.2000PKR.

I hope you’ll like our courses and will buy them, also you’ll recommend these courses to your friends. And remember that this time I’m giving you guarantee that you’ll be able to practically work in the subject you’ve purchased the DVD for. And my lifetime support will also be there for you. So we can make it possible together. I can say that you’ll learn a lot of things which you even can not learn in any College, Institute or University. Details of web development Package & SEO etc is also coming soon.

Now Just Visit this page for all of our packages and courses in DVDs: 

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