Friday , 14 September 2018

Complete Blogger SEO Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Hello World! In our SEO Video Tutorials Series in Urdu we had learned many things, and today it is another gift for you by Online Ustaad. Today We will learn complete Blogger SEO in Urdu language with video examples. I have recorded video tutorials in Urdu about optimizing your blog at I hope it will be very helpful for you guys. Below is a complete Playlist of New Blogger Interface SEO features & tips. There is a series of video tutorials, by watching these tutorials you can easily optimize your blogger blogs. However, for important on-Page SEO components you must watch my full course.

Blogger SEO in urdu

Blogger SEO Tips in Urdu Video Tutorials

We’ve been working on this blog for last two years, but itself ruined our ranking and everything. But I have always been taking challenges in my life. Therefore, I decided to give you updated courses as much as possible, and regarding this I’ll be updating this blogger new interface SEO course as well. You’ll see some great resources near future on this blog.

For now you can just watch these tutorials which are in Urdu and Hindi Languages, and don’t just watch these videos but go and implement them on your blog.

How were these tutorials? Kindly do share your thoughts in the comment section so that I can know about your opinions. And tell me how is this blog going now with a lot of tutorials in Urdu and Hindi languages. Also you can give me a favor by sharing the content of this site with your friends. Thanks in Advance!

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