How to Add Beautiful Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress?


Adding Beautiful Social Buttons to WordPress sites used to become a headache sometimes, because you couldn’t find a good solution for it according to your requirements, but this time I’ve brought you a great WordPress plugin “ShareaHolic” which you can use to add beautiful social sharing buttons as well as relevant content with thumbnails, this plugin lets your readers share …

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Creating WordPress Themes Using Tools & Frameworks

Wordpress themes creators

WordPress websites have become common and favorite of all of us. We give preference to wordpress over the blogger and various other platforms for creating personal and professional websites. The contents are easy to upload, and themes can be managed conveniently. Another plus point is the presence of a lot of templates, designs and styles in the wordpress make it …

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How to Reduce Spam Comments in WordPress


In the starting of this blog on WordPress, I never had any difficulty with “Spam Comments”, I used to receive upto 5 to 10 spam comments daily which is usual for WordPress users. But suddenly, few days back, I received 100+ spam comments every single day, it was full of headache to delete these comments upon login to WP Dashboard …

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5 Best Websites for Buying WordPress Themes

wordpress premium themes

There should not be any further doubt that WordPress is the most commonly used CMS (Content Management System) for creating any type of website. Whether its a small blogger or a corporation, WordPress has become everyone’s #1 choice to start their business website with. After starting up a site/blog on WP, the site owner looks for the best and unique …

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20 Best Must Have WordPress Plugins

Wordpress top plugins

WordPress is without doubts the most professional and outstanding blogging platform, it meets everyone’s needs from an individual blogger to a company and from a company to a corporation. WP has become a business and a platform which provides A to Z resources for making your website looking the most beautiful on the web. However, you need to take extra …

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XML Video Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress


Still, submitting a sitemap to search engines and especially to Google is the real way to get traffic back to your content from search engines like Google. The sitemap actually includes all of your site’s content in a single file which is very helpful for search robots to index the pages/post or links which they might have missed in the …

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Download 10 best free WordPress Themes


Creating a website is not the only task that you have to perform. You also have to make that website attractive and good looking for the visitors. It is human nature to see the good things again and again. That is why you are required to develop your website and then decorate it by giving some WordPress themes. This is …

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5 Useful SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites

SEO Plugins for WordPress

For the additional features on your website, it is good to have the plug-ins on it. This will make the trafficking easy for the website visitors. And if we are talking about WordPress websites then WP is the treasure of useful plugins. There are thousands of free plugins out there for you to use while having a site hosted on …

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Add YouTube Subscribe Widget to Your Blog in Urdu & Hindi

Subscribe to Youtube

YouTube.com is the most popular video sharing website. It is something similarly like a social platform. You can upload/share/download/watch videos and can subscribe to your desired channels, also people can subscribe to you, you can send messages, can comment and can do many things same like a social network. YouTube is used for website marketing and product marketing by bloggers …

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How to Backup WordPress website in Urdu & Hindi

wordpress backup

We recently talked a lot about WordPress on this blog. We actually want to continue talking with you about WordPress because this website is hosted on WP and we want to let you know about each tip & potential that we test here on this website. I earlier published some posts about WordPress site security, WordPress optimization and also how …

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