Wednesday , 3 January 2018

Web Designing

Video Course: CMS & Website Using Bootstrap in Urdu/Hindi


Here is a complete course for those who want to learn how to create a Content Management System (CMS) and Responsive Website using Bootstrap framework in Urdu/Hindi. Bootstrap is popularly used now a days for creating responsive websites and content management systems. and we’ve created a complete course for you to learn it in Urdu/Hindi. please find the video course …

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Creating WordPress Themes Using Tools & Frameworks

Wordpress themes creators

WordPress websites have become common and favorite of all of us. We give preference to wordpress over the blogger and various other platforms for creating personal and professional websites. The contents are easy to upload, and themes can be managed conveniently. Another plus point is the presence of a lot of templates, designs and styles in the wordpress make it …

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Dreamweaver CS5 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

dreamweaver in urdu

Dreamweaver CS5 is the most used desktop application/software for creating any kind of website using HTMl/CSS and PHP/ASP. This is all in one offline software which you can use to develop website templates/layouts just by clicking using the simple GUI (General User Interface). Many of our readers recently requested us to create a complete course on Dreamweaver CS5 in Urdu/Hindi and …

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CSS3 New Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

css3 in Urdu

CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet which is used for designing the website layouts and CSS3 is the latest standard of CSS, it gives you power to create standard web layouts as well as create advanced web layouts. We have already published a basic CSS course in Urdu/Hindi on this website which most of you liked & your feedback was …

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New HTML Video Tutorials Course in Urdu & Hindi

HTML in Urdu

HTML is a hyper text mark up language which is definitely used to create the basic structure of a website or web page. We’ve already shared a detailed HTML video training in Urdu on this blog. In this new course, We’ve discussed about HTML5 as well which is the recent standard for Hyper Text Markup Languages. This new course is …

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Professional Social Subscribe Now Widget For Blogger

subscribe now widget

At, people always try to decorate their blogs with beautifully created widgets by different custom designers. And thus, blogger blogs can easily be customized and stylized. But I would recommend you to keep your blog as simple as possible, but beautiful too. Because design matters a lot in terms of visitors & money. You need to give some crucial …

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How to Upload HTML website to Online Server in Urdu

FileZilla FTP in Urdu

Few days back, we learnt creating a complete website layout by using HTML and CSS. And Thus today, we are going to upload that site to our online web server. Video tutorial below in Urdu will help you better understanding of FileZilla FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software and the Cpanel along with the basic knowledge of web hosting. We had …

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New HTML5 & CSS3 Advance Website Layout in Urdu & Hindi

HTML website layout

Here at, we mostly focus on web development, web designing, SEO and Making money online tips. And having these major subjects in mind, we always try to create some practical projects in the mentioned subjects so that you can idea for your career or future. And thus, we’re coming up with another beautiful CSS3 and HTML5 website layout. We …

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Complete Web Designing Package in DVDs (Urdu & Hindi)

HTML website Layout

Hi Everyone! This post is all about the details and features of our web designing package in DVDs. As all you know that I’m providing free tutorials in Urdu & Hindi for last two years, and I hopefully can say that this will be continued for the future. But meanwhile,  I’ve taken online work as full time job. Therefore, I …

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How to Change The Mouse Cursor of a Website?

Mouse cursor in css

This is a very small tip for those who want to change their website or blog’s mouse cursor. I came across many websites and blogs who have changed their cursors either to different styles or to images. So simply they use CSS property to change the mouse cursor. It is easier to change the cursor for the entire website or …

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