Thursday , 13 September 2018


Customize Blogger Labels Links with CSS3

Designing blogger labels

Designing Blogger blogs is now becoming easier. You can design any of your blog part with rocking CSS3 codes. Every part of your blog has different CSS properties, located in head section; so you can change them any time. Today we will design the labels in blogger. Blogger labels are the links or tags which we can add to our …

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Computer Tips & Internet Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

computer tricks in Urdu

There are a billions of users who use computer for their domestic requirements. Some people use computer just for watching movies, listening songs or play music in background. There are many people who don’t know the basic usage of internet even the Facebook. Also there are users who can not solve basic computer problems themselves. Are you one of them? …

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Uploading Files to Server via PHP in Urdu & Hindi

PHP mySQL Tutorials

Uploading files to a web server in PHP is not a difficult job, just you need to know about inserting multi-parts data into web server. An image or video has multi-parts data such as the name of the file, the type of the file, the size of the file and a temporary name of the file. So in these PHP …

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WordPress v Blogger Which Platform is Better?

wordpress v blogger in urdu

As all of might know that we recently moved this blog from blogger to WordPress. The reason was, because blogger disabled our blog without giving any reason, and we requested that blog for restoration, but their review process is very long process which sometimes can take months for a blog to be reviewed. Therefore, we couldn’t resist to start our …

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How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Urdu & Hindi

SEO keyword stuffing in urdu

Keyword stuffing is a bad technique in SEO which is used by some webmasters to gain search ranking but it is no longer accepted by major search engines i.e Google. This technique comes in black-hat SEO tactics. I’ve created a video tutorial which will explain this thing very deeply and will also guide you about avoiding it and protecting yourself …

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