Thursday , 13 September 2018


Android & Windows Game Development in Urdu/Hindi


Android Game Development is one of the on-demand learning topics these days for students. Most of the people are interested in Learning and Building Android Apps & Games, and the reason is simple; it has more earning potential than other related subjects. We’ve created a complete & free course not only for Android Games, but also for Windows Games in Urdu …

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Chat System Using AJAX & PHP in Urdu/Hindi


Here is a small project for those who are learning PHP and AJAX. I’ve created a chat system which will work in real time same like other popular chat applications i.e Facebook & Yahoo. Using the video tutorials on this page, you’ll be able to learn creating a small but functional chat application with simple PHP PDO approach and a …

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Social Network in PHP & MySQLi in Urdu/Hindi

social network

PHP is a very powerful web programming language which you can use to create dynamic websites and web applications. I’ve been creating video tutorials on PHP since the creation of this blog in Urdu/Hindi. I have put together some projects as well such as Ecommerce website in PHP and a Complete CMS in PHP. But this time, I’ve brought you …

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Complete Website & Admin Panel in PHP/MySQL (Urdu/Hindi)


As you know this website is the biggest source for learning free web development tutorials in Urdu & Hindi. We’ve been mostly focusing on creating project-based tutorials since we started this website back in 2011. And yes, we’re trying our best to provide you more and more free tutorials with practical projects and from valuable knowledge we have. Today, you’ll learn creating …

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Student Registration System in PHP/MySQL in Urdu/Hindi


Creating a web development project in PHP is no longer a big game, We’ve been sharing PHP Tutorials with our readers in Urdu/Hindi, and we created many practical projects in PHP such as creating a simple website in PHP and creating a basic CMS in PHP. Furthermore, we shared a complete series of PHP tutorials in Urdu. Still, we think that sharing …

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