Friday , 14 September 2018


Android & Windows Game Development in Urdu/Hindi


Android Game Development is one of the on-demand learning topics these days for students. Most of the people are interested in Learning and Building Android Apps & Games, and the reason is simple; it has more earning potential than other related subjects. We’ve created a complete & free course not only for Android Games, but also for Windows Games in Urdu …

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Java Programming Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


If you are someone who is studying programming as a university subject or you want to learn it without even going to University, in both the cases, you should learn JAVA which is the most popular programming language of all time. Java is a general purpose programming language famous for the concept “Write once, run anywhere”. Wikpedia says:  As of 2016, …

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PHP PDO Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


If you are using the traditional mysql_connect or mysqli_connect method for database connection then it’s time to move either to OOP (Object Oriented Programming) or PDO (PHP Data Object). Upon requests by my web development students, I’ve taken time to create some video tutorials on PDO in Urdu/Hindi. In the near future, I’ll create more tutorials on web development and …

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Codeigniter Framework Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


Last time I shared PHP OOP Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi and now I’ll share Codeigniter Framework tutorials. Codeiginer is one of the popular PHP frameworks which is mandatory for every web developer who wants to work somewhere in a software house or wants to work professionally in the field of web development. These tutorials are created by Rahul Makhija, and he …

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C++ Programming in Urdu & Hindi

C++ in Urdu

C++ is a programming language which is used to create games, PC software, desktop applications and much more. It is an object oriented programming language. C++ is basically the advance version of C Language. There are many other languages are also used for computer programming such as Go, Java, Python, Peril. What does a programming language do? You can make …

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Visual Basic Programming Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

visual basic in Urdu

Visual Basic is a programming language (tool or Software). Initially it was released in 1991 by Microsoft. It had been using for COM programming of Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a period of time. However, Visual Basic has not been so popular as other programming languages are. The last version of Visual basic was 6.0 which released in 1998 and …

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