Friday , 14 September 2018


How to Pass Upwork Readiness Quiz Test in Urdu?

odesk readiness test now ( is one of the best marketplaces for freelancers, where one can use his/her skills to a find a suitable job for themself. Thousands of jobs are posted every single day on odesk by international clients. To get jobs & projects easily from the clients on your profile must be looking professional & strong. In this regard, you …

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SEO & Traffic Tools Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

Tools sometimes save your time and make things easier for you. I already published a post regarding best SEO tools in Urdu with video tutorials, but I’ve discovered more great tools which I’ll be explaining in details along with video tutorials in Urdu, and thus, today I’m coming up with a website called “”, this website offers a number of …

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XML Video Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress


Still, submitting a sitemap to search engines and especially to Google is the real way to get traffic back to your content from search engines like Google. The sitemap actually includes all of your site’s content in a single file which is very helpful for search robots to index the pages/post or links which they might have missed in the …

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Best Websites to Download Free Blogger Templates

Blogger in Urdu is a platform where you can easily build/create your free blog within few minutes. It doesn’t require any extra skills that you need to create a free blog. After creating your first blog on blogger, you need to have a good looking and professional template for it. However, blogger’s default templates are very simple and not much appreciated in …

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CSS3 New Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

css3 in Urdu

CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet which is used for designing the website layouts and CSS3 is the latest standard of CSS, it gives you power to create standard web layouts as well as create advanced web layouts. We have already published a basic CSS course in Urdu/Hindi on this website which most of you liked & your feedback was …

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New PHP+MySQL Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


PHP stands for Hyper Text Pre-Processor which is an open source web development language used for creating dynamic websites and web applications. This language has been very popular over the past few years, and today, millions of websites on the web use PHP as their main back-end development language. However, there is (formally ASP) in the market which is …

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Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers & Blogs

top 10 Pakistani bloggers

Blogging is becoming one of the most growing professions now a days. It attracts youngsters and especially students who can show their talent to the world and can make money online with their skills. Blogging is a profession which one can independently start and with some real efforts, he/she can make it successful in a short period of time. Pakistan …

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Download 10 best free WordPress Themes


Creating a website is not the only task that you have to perform. You also have to make that website attractive and good looking for the visitors. It is human nature to see the good things again and again. That is why you are required to develop your website and then decorate it by giving some WordPress themes. This is …

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Download Premium WordPress Themes & Blogger Templates Free


Download Free WordPress Premium Themes & Quality Blogger Templates! Hello all, today W’d like to present you something different. We have been focusing on producing video tutorials in Urdu language for last 2 years, we received a huge feedback from you and still we are receiving your fantastic feedback. We always take care of your feedback and consider your feedback …

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