Friday , 14 September 2018

Blogger Tricks

My Blogger Blog is marked as spam? what should I do?

blogger blog spamming

There might be people who have faced an embarrassing experience when their blog was suddenly removed/deleted/disabled/spammed by This experience is already faced by us when was hosted on blogger and on 22th April, 2013 it was disabled by blogger, and we were not able to do anything instantly. While we took every single measure to restore our blog …

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Professional Social Subscribe Now Widget For Blogger

subscribe now widget

At, people always try to decorate their blogs with beautifully created widgets by different custom designers. And thus, blogger blogs can easily be customized and stylized. But I would recommend you to keep your blog as simple as possible, but beautiful too. Because design matters a lot in terms of visitors & money. You need to give some crucial …

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How to Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger (Urdu & Hindi)

Blogger custom domain name is a free web publishing tool with a free .blogspot domain address. That’s mean you’ll have a unique address for your blog hosted on blogger, but with your address in last there will be a .blogspot extension as well, which indicates that this blog is created with So if you are gonna create a large blog then it …

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Blogger New Edit HTML Video Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

Blogger in Urdu

The Blogger team has recently updated their new Edit HTML section and has changed everything. The new Edit HTML has many parts that you can use while customizing your HTML section of your blog. However, the most important parts are the preview option in new development, the jump to widget option, lining numbers and highlighting each block of code. Also …

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Remove Subscribe to Post (Atom) in Blogger

blogger tricks

In Blogger default templates, there is a link namely “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)” which appears below every post sometimes at left side or at center. It also appears on Blog’e home page. By clicking this link a visitor can subscribe to your RSS feeds. but instead of this unnatural link, there are many other awesome ways to give visitor the …

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