Friday , 14 September 2018


Chat System Using AJAX & PHP in Urdu/Hindi


Here is a small project for those who are learning PHP and AJAX. I’ve created a chat system which will work in real time same like other popular chat applications i.e Facebook & Yahoo. Using the video tutorials on this page, you’ll be able to learn creating a small but functional chat application with simple PHP PDO approach and a …

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Letters Counter Using AJAX & PHP in Urdu/Hindi


I’ve come up with a small project using PHP and AJAX in Urdu/Hindi. After a long time, I’ve created video tutorials on PHP & AJAX, and I hope now I’ll continue creating some advance and up to date tutorials on PHP OOP & some other newly introduced web development components and frameworks. But today, you’ll learn creating a letters/characters counter …

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AJAX Using PHP & jQuery Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

ajax tutorial in urdu

AJAX is a web development technique which is used massively almost by every popular website, Ajax means (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), this is not a programming language, but yes, this is a technique to use the existing web programming languages all together in order to make the web browsing experience much faster and much better. Google initially adopted this technique …

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