Thursday , 13 September 2018


Complete Computerized Accounting Video Course in Urdu

Computerized Accounting is an important subject for those who’s educational subject is commerce and people related to banking & trading. Before going learning computerized accounting one should already have the basic concept of Manual accounting. But if someone doesn’t have the basic concept then here is a complete video course of computerized accounting which is from basic to advance level. …

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Tally Accounting Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Tally in Urdu

My recent post was just about Quick Book Computerized Accounting and now I am publishing the another tutorial on Tally Accounting in Urdu. Tally is also a simple and useful software of accounting and you can learn it easily in Urdu. This software was created by Indian programmers and it has a great help for Indian business as well as …

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Complete Quick Books Accounting in Urdu & Hindi

quick book in urdu

Accounting can be declared as BackBone of any business. The Quick books is the second popular software which is used to meet accounting tasks. I already published a complete video training playlist about Peachtree accounting in Urdu and now you will see a complete video tutorial of Quick Book in Urdu. Quick book is another major software for accounting, and …

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Peachtree Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

peachtree in Urdu

Accounting is a term which is used in Business, which is used in Banks. according to the old history of accounting it was done manually by the humans. But after computer invention scientist thought about computerized accounting and they made all the things easier for today’s humans. Now we can use easy tools to do accounting in our computers and …

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