Saturday , 29 September 2018

About Me

Something About “” & Yourself!

Abdul Wali OnlineUstaad

Before starting this story, I’ll go back to 2009 when I for the first time came to know about “Making Money Online“, “Blogging”, “SEO” and these kind of terms, As a newbie, I was looking for knowledge in Urdu and was searching every single day to find something that could guide me a little bit to understand clearly about what …

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My First Interview Taken in Lahore – You can Learn Something from it

abdul wali interview in lahore

During my recent nationwide tour to Pakistan, I was requested by Hamza Khursheed and Hamiz Khan from in Lahore for taking an interview of my blogging journey and life story 🙂 it was more than an honor to have this chance at this age, I accepted the offer with open heart and with a smiling face, along with this …

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