How to Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum in Pakistan Urdu/Hindi Tutorial

The boom of investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum has been a trend for quite a while now. I myself became interested in Crypto-currency just a few weeks ago. I wanted to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) at a good rate, but BTC was flying like a rocket. Then, I invested some money in Ethereum (ETH). Today’s tutorial is all about how to buy and store Bitcoin/Ethereum in Pakistan. bottom at the page is a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.


How to buy BTC/ETH online?

When you decide to invest in BTC/ETH, the first thought will be how to buy it online and store it in a safe place. Since Crypto-Currencies are mostly decentralized, that means, there is no control from the government and banks. Nobody will control the price and growth of these digital currencies. it’s like an open market.

You can buy BTC/ETH online with a credit card or debit card, but the companies who sell btc/eth will charge you a higher fee for transactions. sometimes a company charges 3% on a transaction, and the other company charges 6%. that’s because, nobody controls the pricing and fee structure. however, there are many ways, you can buy ETH/BTC and minimize the charges.

The best option I can give about exchanging and buying BTC/ETH or any other currency is the website mentioned below, if you go to this website then it’s a life saver about Crypto-Currency.

Changelly is the best and easiest place for buying any digital currency and also exchanging any digital currency. it has the minimum service charges i.e 0.5%. I’ve been using it myself for last couple of weeks, and the service is  absolutely great and fast.

Other places which charge a higher fee, but service is available round the clock 24/7.

OK, so you bought BTC/ETH, now where to save it? even before buying BTC/ETH, you’ll need to have a wallet in order to save your digital assets. and for that purpose, there are several platforms. I myself use CoinBase which is very secure and reliable. just go to below link, and create your account, you’ll get address for receiving BTC/ETH:

Remember, coinbase also offers Buy/Sell facility, but that’s not available in Pakistan at the moment, if you are in any other country then you can buy/sell on coinbase as well. it’s a big and great platform. and don’t forget to watch video in Urdu/Hindi below which will tell you more about it.

The next thing is how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on Facebook groups. There are two very authentic Facebook groups which I used myself for many deals. and don’t forget to watch the video in which I explain it in more details. but for now, you can buy/sell BTC/ETH on Facebook groups where you’ll find Pakistani exchangers. if you do a deal on these groups then the advantage is that you’ll pay via direct bank transfer.

These two groups are good for Pakistanis who want to invest in bitcoin or ethereum. and I’ll even mention names of two exchangers who are very trusted such as Rais Zada and Mian Sajid. but whoever you deal with, please first verify their credibility and identity.

Apart from cointbase, there are many other platforms which provide you free wallet facility. so, storing BTC/ETH is not a big issue, you can create your Wallet anywhere, and store your digital assets. But I’ll recommend to always activate two factor authentication. regardless of whatever platform you use for storing your coins.

Now watch the below video in Urdu/Hindi to understand practically about how to buy and store Bitcoin and Ethereum in Pakistan. and if you liked the video and this article then please share it.

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