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Top 5 SEO Tips in 2016

When it comes to SEO = Search Engine Optimization, everyone is looking for new tips & real techniques to improve their overall search engines’ ranking and particularly ranking in Google. From a marketing prospective, SEO is still alive and will be forever, because search engines mostly rely on the content published by authors/bloggers & companies. However, there are new algorithm updates every another day released by major search engines such as Google, which makes the small business owners & bloggers unhappy, because they have to slightly change their SEO strategies as per the new changes. And thus, many bloggers/webmasters try to search for updated tips/techniques on the internet, so in this regard, I came up with Top 5 Secret SEO tips which can help you targeting your goals in SEO.

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Top 5 SEO Tips in 2016

So this is the list of top 5 tips I’m sharing with you on this page, these all are for getting organic real results from Google & other search engines, first of all I recently tried to implement these tips myself, and when I got better results then I decided to share them on my blog. And as you know, the new year 2016 is just knocking the doors, so I think these tips will work best in 2015 and afterwards. Now let’s move on to the tips.

Tip # 1 – Update Your Content Regularly

This is the number one tip I can give you, because it has worked for me many times and search engines also highly recommend you to update your content in accordance with the current date. What I mean by updating content?, I simply mean, whenever you publish something on your blog in shape of a post/article, few days after publishing, go to that post/article, edit it and add some more text/image or video etc, and then update it, you’ll see search engines bots coming back to your post and crawling the updated version of your post. It works great, you’ll see dramatic boosts in the ranking of that particular article/post. I always try to update my normal posts in a period of 2 months and popular in 3 months. But I’ll recommend you to update the new posts on weekly basis if you want to get quick ranking from search engines, and this is all SEO friendly & original thing to do.

Bonus Tip: to keep an eye on the progress after updating the posts/articles, use a keyword tracking tool such as or

And to let the search engines properly know that you have updated your post/posts use the modified-date or updated date [meta], if you are using WordPress then you can use this plugin for last updated date: WP Last Modified Date

Tip # 2 – Include a Video in Your Post

This is another great strategy worked for me and can work for you too, I recently experimented it on a live blog post, first of all I created a video on something, then I created a blog post with a permalink & I kept that in the draft mode, However, I uploaded the video to,, & These are popular video sharing sites with millions of visitors every single day. I added the blog post link to the description of the video on all four places where I uploaded the video and I also mentioned in the video about visiting the blog post if the person wants to get full information. After uploading the video, I published the blog post, and this worked very well in getting better ranking, in simple words you can say, I got four links from a single video on four different platforms & I got many visitors to that post. And having a video in blog post really attracts search engine bots to give extra exposure to that post, because video speaks much loudly than words.

Tip: Again keep tracking your keyword for that post, so you may know whether it’s getting improved or not.

Tip # 3 – Create E-Books & Presentations

SEO today has to be played on a real ground, and when that’s being said, you have to be more social, more natural & more helpful. If you want to really improve your blog/site ranking in a real organic way then take out some time and create some free E-Books & presentations on the topics you cover on your blog, after creating a simple 10-20 pages e-book, go and upload it to all platforms which offer free e-books such as this one:


Don’t forget to include your blog/site URL in the e-book as well as in your profile you create over these sites, you’ll get tons of backlinks quickly. You can find top 5 free e-books service by doing this simple Google search “Free e-books submit”.

Now after e-books, one more easiest step is to create PowerPoint presentations on something you know, it might be short or long that doesn’t matter, but always include your site in the presentation & also in your biography on the website where you upload your presentations, these sites will work best for you to upload your free presentations and get backlinks:


Tip # 4 – Use Fetch As Google [in Urgency]

If you want to let the Google crawler know about your website faster & to index/rank it quickly then you can do it yourself straight from the Google Webmaster Tools account, there is an option in Webmaster Tools called “Fetch As Google”, which does a very smooth job, I mean you can put the URL either of your home page or any single post in that tool which will be immediately crawled & indexed by Google.

Go to your webmaster account >> Click the website you want to see >> at left side find >> Crawl >> Fetch As Google >> it will already have the main URL of your blog/site, so if you want it to crawl the main site then simply leave the box blank and click “Fetch“, after you click fetch, within seconds, Google will tell you whether your site has been accessed or not. And you can also submit it for indexation.

This process is particularly helpful for new websites or new articles/posts, because certainly Google crawlers take sometime to index your site or post, so you can instantly do it yourself. And yes, it worked for me always.

Tip # 5 – Build Quick, But Natural Backlinks

If you are taking very much care of your On-Page SEO stuff such as optimized titles, permalinks, meta description, keyword density, keyword prominent, keyword proximity, interlinking and social media sharing etc, that all is OK and great to know, But if you are not building quality & natural backlinks overtime then don’t think for a long term stable ranking in Google. So keeping this in mind, you have to use all available resources to create backlinks for your site & single articles. In short, if you want to regularly & quickly build some backlinks through blog commenting, Dofollow sites & .edu/.gov then use below website to create tons of free backlinks over time and improve your overall search engines ranking:


This is a website where you can put your keyword and select a category from the list of available resources, so it will show the results of blogs/sites where you can comment or post something to get a backlink or simply a link.

Another site which you can use to find the relevant forums according to your niche and build backlinks is this one:


By using this website, you can find the relevant forums exactly related to your main keyword, just write your keyword and get the instant list of forums where you can participate in the discussion & create backlinks.

Bonus Tip:

OK, so there are hundreds of strategies SEO guys make and most of them change the strategies overtime if they are not working for them. For any optimizer, the strong Keyword Research is one of the initial keys to success in SEO. Therefore, always do a in-depth keyword research before starting optimizing a keyword, because when you know what can be the future potential in a keyword or topic then you’ll use the best part of your brain to bring that keyword into the 1st page of Google.


These are some simple, but white-hat & I guess untold SEO tactics which you can use to improve your overall ranking in Google and also in other search engines, I’ve experimented them recently and all of them worked for me. However, there are hundreds of other SEO tips out there which can also be useful for improving ranking, so testing something new is not prohibited. Wish You Best of Luck!

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Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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