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Responsive Adsense Units in Urdu/Hindi

A friend of mine was recently browsing my website on his mobile phone & he was asking me for something to find, when I saw my website on his mobile phone, I observed that the Google Adsense ads were not responsive, and it was a shock for me, because Adsense has introduced responsive units a long ago. But, I forgot to replace my static units to the responsive ones so that I could increase my revenue. However, at the moment I checked my website in my friend’s mobile, I instantly came home, open my laptop and changed all the units to responsive ones and thus I got immediate increase in revenue as well as in the scorecard appearing in Adsense Account. Today, I thought to create a video tutorial on this topic in Urdu/Hindi, and here we go.


Find Visitors Browsing Your Website from Mobiles?

The first step for you to find who is visiting your website from mobile phones, if there is a good percentage of people visiting your website from mobiles/tablets then you must take immediate action to replace your static Adsense units with responsive ones. Go to your Google Analytic account and at left side of your site dashboard you’ll find Mobiles option (See in Video), just click that and you’ll find the percentage of people visiting your website from their smart phones.

Multi-Screen Result After Changes!


I saw the above increase in my Adsense scorecard, particularly in the (Multi-screen) score, this was only possible when I changed my units to responsive ones. However, after making the changes, there will be a slight increase in the earning because it will show the relevant and appropriate ads on different devices including mobile phones.

How to Add Responsive Ads to Your Website?

So now you want to know how can you add the responsive units to your sites/blogs, this process is very easy and straightforward, just open your Adsense account and go to My Ads >> create a new ad unit and select the responsive from the ad sizes, as you can see in the below screenshot I took from my account:


After you create a new responsive ad unit, just get the code & paste into your website, you’ll see the ad live within ten minutes, after the ad is live on your site from desktops, just go to the following website and check it on all popular mobile phones & tablets:

You’ll see your site live in the above testing site, and the ads will be automatically adjusting according to the width of the devices. If you still have not got this tutorial then here it comes a video tutorial for you in Urdu/Hindi which you can watch to understand everything clearly and practically with some more great tips on this topic.

Watch Video Tutorial on This in Urdu

Now, I hope you’ve understood all the steps easily after watching the short video on this topic.
So the summary of this tutorial becomes something like: 
Whether you use WordPress or Blogger, do find a template/theme which is mobile friendly, because now a days mobile phones have taken place of desktops, so you can’t ignore them, after you have a responsive template/theme then simply add the responsive Adsense units into that, and you’ll see very good results in revenue as well as better user experience.
Do let me know your experience about responsive ads in the comments, and do post your comment if you have any questions related to this topic, I’ll always be there to answer your questions.

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