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10 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

In Blogging, everyone tries to find the legal methods and techniques to drive more and more traffic to their blogs. And when it comes to earn money from your blog, the traffic is important factor. But, getting a huge amount of traffic for a blog is not an easy job; you will have to work hard for increasing your blog’s traffic which can be done by many legal ways. However, illegal methods won’t work for long term. So our today’s topic is about increasing our Blog’s traffic by applying some real methods which are recommended even by Pro-bloggers.

10 tips to get visitors

I will share some tips with you guys which has helped me in driving traffic to my blogs. I am blogging for last 2 years and mostly have spent my time on researching the internet to find only real ways for success. So there won’t be any short term trick in my list. But yeah, these tips would be an comb for cutting original methods.

How to increase Blog’s traffic?

In order to drive traffic to your blog, first you must have a blog or website for it. Having had a website, you can increase its visitors by applying given 10 most popular tips:

Less Content But Quality Content

You can consider many websites which have very less content but enjoying a smart traffic everyday. So you should also consider this point and always try to create something qualitative, not garbage. The real example is: ask yourself that would you like the content/post which you’ve written for your blog? If yes, then make it public :-).

Optimize Your Content

Without optimizing content, it is just in an empty box; where anyone doesn’t know about it. So make it sure, you’ve submitted your content to search engines respectively. Especially to Google & Bing, Yahoo will itself follow bing.

Use Accurate Post Titles

This is the most confused fact of SEO for newbies. Using correct titles for your blog post can bring great results in terms of traffic. As you might know it is the first line, which is crawled by search engines spiders for the whole story. So make sure it is 100% correct. For getting an idea about it, you can use Google Adword Keyword Tool. Where you will find which exact keyword is world wide searched mostly for a specific query.

Also this is the another example of using correct post titles, I’m assuming this post as Example:
Good 10 Tips to drive free traffic to your blog” or “How to drive free Traffic to your blog?”
BadLearn how to bring more traffic to your blog or my blog?

Submit Sitemaps

Sitemaps are very very important in order to drive huge traffic to your blog. If your blog is having hundreds and thousands of pages and you haven’t submitted sitemaps to search engines yet then don’t expect visitors to come. Just Go to Google webmaster tools and submit your blog’s sitemap to Google. Also visit Bing webmaster tools to submit your sitemap to Bing.

Produce more unique content

It is same like one man and eleven men. If you’ve a single friend then you’re a less power man; but if you’ve eleven men friends then you’ve man power. Same if you have 10 posts on your blog its mean only those people will visit who need those ten posts, the rest won’t come to you. So producing more unique content is must in order to increase blog traffic.

Be Socialist

Be social doesn’t mean; using facebook all the day :D. But its mean, whenever you publish new content on your blog, just share them on all social network websites at least on: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Digg. Also share your content on Facebook groups but remember, only share your content on those group that have more than 500 members. Less members won’t make difference.

Find New Stories

Do you know? one single post can drive thousands of visitors a day; But how? well, by a breaking news or a hidden story. Always try to visit the popular websites and official blogs once a day, and if you see a breaking news or update; instantly write an article about that and publish it with an image. So that post may bring tons of visitors in hours. It is called first see, first publish.

Use Popular Magazine Sites

There are many popular magazines type sites like, and so on. So make it sure you’ve registered your blog there and they will automatically publish your content on their websites via RSS. So you can receive good traffic from them. But keep in mind, this is only for celebrity blogs not for technology blogs.

Find Active Blog Directories

Blog directories are no longer the best way to drive free traffic but, still there are some directories which are the best and working just like search engines. For example: is an active website which is used by millions of Bloggers everyday. You can submit your blog to this directory for free and they will send you a lot of free traffic. All you need to do is; just make a profile on and register your blog for free. That’s all.

Be an active commentator

Always go to other websites and blogs which are related to your niche, comment there and leave your recent post’s link, so other people who are visiting that site will also come to your website. At least, ten comments a day will definitely make difference in traffic.

What Do You Think?
If you have read this whole article then let me know did you like it or it was just a time pass? Also if you liked it then confirm sharing this post. Comments are also welcomed.. Happy Traffic Day!

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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    • You should wait at least 7 days, because it takes time for blogger/google to remove that content from the blog you’ve reported, they do reply and do remove the copied content, don’t worry about it.

      • one thing please make clear to me,will google take any action against the violater if i am running my site on Self hosted wordpress.Because I have heard that google will only help you if you are running on blogger.

        • google has nothing to do with sites/blogs whether they are on wordpress or blogger.

        • every platform is equal for google, all defends on the quality of the site and the content.

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