Friday , 19 December 2014

List of High Paying Adsense Keywords & Topics


This is a quick post to let you know about the Highest Paying Keywords & Topics for Google Adsense in 2015, You know Google Adsense is a PPC ad network which you can use to make money from your online content. Thousands of publishers use Adsense to generate lucrative income from their websites/blogs. We already have discussed about Applying for Adsense ... Read More »

Google Panda & Penguin Penality Checker & Recovery


Undoubtedly, organic SEO is in the hands of Google, Google is rolling out algorithmic updates every now and then, but when there is a major update such as Panda 4.1 or Penguin 3.0 then some webmasters/And/Or/bloggers get shocks after having seen a dramatic drop in their traffic suddenly after the update has been live. Many of my readers recently asked ... Read More »

Complete jQuery Video Training in Urdu/Hindi


jQuery is one of prominent library of JavaScript which aims to “write less, do more”, We already have published a basic jQuery tutorials series in Urdu back in 2013, but this time, we’ve created a complete course of around 60 video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi. jQuery has been massively used in web development projects for several years, and today, it has the ... Read More »

How to Install WordPress on Localhost (Urdu/Hindi)

WordPres in Urdu

If you want to learn about installing WordPress on Localhost then this tutorial is for you. A long ago, some readers requested me to share video tutorials regarding this and I did it during creation of my new course “WordPress Training in Urdu/Hindi“. However, this is not something difficult to do for users who are familiar with WP, but this tutorial is specifically ... Read More »

5 Untold SEO Tips in 2015

seo tips

When it comes to SEO = Search Engine Optimization, everyone is looking for new tips & real techniques to improve their overall search engines’ ranking and particularly ranking in Google. From a marketing prospective, SEO is still alive and will be forever, because search engines mostly rely on the content published by authors/bloggers & companies. However, there are new algorithm ... Read More »

PHP & MySQLi 2015 Updated Training in Urdu/Hindi


In the IT (Information Technology), things get changed more speedily then our expectations, there were times when we used to play with Windows XP, but today’s generation is playing with Windows 10 and android on their mobile phones. Same happened to PHP & MySQL, there was a time when PHP 4.0 version was ok with simple MySQL, but today you ... Read More »

Responsive Adsense Units in Urdu/Hindi


A friend of mine was recently browsing my website on his mobile phone & he was asking me for something to find, when I saw my website on his mobile phone, I observed that the Google Adsense ads were not responsive, and it was a shock for me, because Adsense has introduced responsive units a long ago. But, I forgot ... Read More »

Complete Website & Admin Panel in PHP/MySQL (Urdu/Hindi)


As you know this website is the biggest source for learning free web development tutorials in Urdu & Hindi. We’ve been mostly focusing on creating project-based tutorials since we started this website back in 2011. And yes, we’re trying our best to provide you more and more free tutorials with practical projects and from valuable knowledge we have. Today, you’ll learn creating ... Read More »