What is Link Juice in SEO & How to Improve it?


Link juice has been one of the important SEO factors since the beginning of Search Engine Optimization. And it’s still important, if you don’t know about Link Juice yet then this guide is for you. Link Juice is refereed to the number of external and internal links pointing back to your website and it’s inner pages. In this article, I’ll discuss how …

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Bootstrap Framework Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


Bootstrap is one of the popular HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript’s front-end frameworks which is widely used in mobile first web applications and websites. This framework has changed the way of web development and designing. It’s available for free and anyone can download and use it for their web applications same like jQuery. Using Bootstrap, you can create responsive websites and web …

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Top 15 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2016


As many of you might know that Google is using 200 factors for ranking websites and web pages. No one exactly knows the fact behind these 200 factors except Google’s employees who have created these factors and algorithms. However, there are SEO experts who give their opinion on these factors and also do very comprehensive case studies. As a result, we now …

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Social Network in PHP & MySQLi in Urdu/Hindi

social network

PHP is a very powerful web programming language which you can use to create dynamic websites and web applications. I’ve been creating video tutorials on PHP since the creation of this blog in Urdu/Hindi. I have put together some projects as well such as Ecommerce website in PHP and a Complete CMS in PHP. But this time, I’ve brought you …

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How to Buy Themes & Scripts Online in Urdu/Hindi


Many people out there use pirated themes and scripts which results in frustration and poor user experience. I’ve been asked so many times by my readers about such themes and scripts which have destroyed their blogs/sites, in response to this, I always advise my readers to purchase the theme/template/script from the actual owner, so they will never face a problem. Today, I …

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Best Web Hosting Review in Urdu/Hindi

best web hosting in urdu hindi

Web Hosting is one of the first things you need for your website and online business. I receive questions from people on daily basis who ask me about the best hosting provider. Therefore, I had to take some time, and I researched about the best web hosing on the internet. I’ve found two companies which I can say are the …

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How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing in Urdu/Hindi


Over the past few years, Facebook ads have become very important for small businesses. For a quick start up and engagement with potential customers, you need to utilize Facebook ads. You can use Facebook ads for increasing page likes, website clicks, post reach and so many other things related to social media marketing & particularly Facebook marketing. I’ve created a video series …

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Apply for Online Jobs on Upwork.com in Urdu/Hindi


Upwork.com which is formally known as Odesk.com is now the leading online workplace for independent contractors, companies and freelancers. Work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, and can be delivered either independently or within a time-frame. I was requested by our readers to create a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi about upwork process. I have explained about setting …

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