Wednesday , 21 November 2018

HTML5 & CSS3 Complete Course in Urdu/Hindi

HTML & CSS in Urdu

The Complete HTML5 and CSS3 course has been uploaded to our YouTube channel. now, you can watch to learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch and also create your own responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3. this course will give you a complete touch of web designing if you are just starting out. it can also help you, if you are …

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Responsive Portfolio Website Using Bootstrap in Urdu/Hindi


In my last post, I shared a complete video series on how to create a complete CMS & Website using Bootstrap in Urdu. in order to continue Bootstrap training in Urdu, I’ve come up with another tutorials series in which you’ll be able to learn creating a responsive portfolio website using Bootstrap in Urdu/Hindi. Portfolio Website in Bootstrap It’s a …

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Video Course: CMS & Website Using Bootstrap in Urdu/Hindi


Here is a complete course for those who want to learn how to create a Content Management System (CMS) and Responsive Website using Bootstrap framework in Urdu/Hindi. Bootstrap is popularly used now a days for creating responsive websites and content management systems. and we’ve created a complete course for you to learn it in Urdu/Hindi. please find the video course …

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Complete Website & Admin Panel in PHP OOP Urdu-Hindi


On this website, you have seen tutorials about web development and web designing for more than half a decade now. Today, I have a tutorials series for you, in which you’ll learn how to create a complete website and admin panel using PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP). If you don’t know the basics of PHP OOP then we have a …

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Top Web Hosting Providers 2017 (My Review)


Web Hosting is the first important thing for a long term website. I run websites since 2010, and during last 7 years, I’ve used many web hosting companies including NameCheap, Hostgator, Site5 and particularly a Pakistani company called “HosterPK”. If the hosting service is poor, it’ll hugely affect your site. therefore, it should be carefully evaluated beforehand. Today, I’ll share …

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SEO Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi (2017)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has dramatically changed over the years. I’ve been reading about SEO since 2009 when I first dived into online world. However, major changes in the SEO industry took place in 2011 when Google added Panda update to its algorithms, and then subsequently,  the Penguin update in 2012. I’ve been updating the SEO training in Urdu for …

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How to Get Deleted or Lost Posts Back?


Recently, one of my blogs got some technical problems. Despite trying all of my methods, the issues didn’t resolve so I had to contact my Hosting company. They said, they’ll restore the last backup of my website, and I permitted. But surprisingly, I saw two posts are missing when my site got restored. And the hosting company gave me the …

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Simple Tips to Increase YouTube Subscribers by 500%


There are many tools people use to give a quick boost to their YouTube subscribers such as, and many more. However, they are not real subscribers, they are just fake subscribers which will not help your channel in the long run. And above all, these services violate/break YouTube’s terms which I’ll explain further in this article. Then what’s the …

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How to Craft and Publish a book on Amazon Kindle


Are you a keen writer, a professional blogger, or anyone who wants to convey something special and make a living through writing but don’t have the resources to publish your work? Well, if this the case then Amazon Kindle may be a good choice for you. Follow the complete guide on how to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle. Why …

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Android & Windows Game Development in Urdu/Hindi


Android Game Development is one of the on-demand learning topics these days for students. Most of the people are interested in Learning and Building Android Apps & Games, and the reason is simple; it has more earning potential than other related subjects. We’ve created a complete & free course not only for Android Games, but also for Windows Games in Urdu …

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