How to Install & Use CloudFlare CDN in Urdu/Hindi


CDN = Content Delivery Network which is now a days used by most of the popular websites on the web such as Facebook, and many other. CDN is actually a life saver application which provides many benefits. The main advantages of using a CDN are such as website speed, Website Security and saving resources. For last couple of days, I was ...

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AutoCAD 2D/3D Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


AutoCAD is a leading commercial application software which is used for creating 2D and 3D graphic applications. It’s widely used by Graphic Designers, Architects, Engineers and Project Managers according to their requirements. It’s a product created by AutoDesk Inc. The first version was released back in 1982 which ran on micro-computers, and in 2015 AutoCAD is in the market with its ...

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Corel Draw X6 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


In order to become a graphic designer, you need a few important software to learn i.e Photoshop CS5 or newer version, Illustrator CS6 or newer version and importantly Corel Draw X6 or never version. These three software are necessary for every graphic specialist who want to become something particularly in Graphic Designing. We’ve already shared a complete course on Photoshop ...

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AJAX Using PHP & jQuery Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

ajax tutorial in urdu

AJAX is a web development technique which is used massively almost by every popular website, Ajax means (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), this is not a programming language, but yes, this is a technique to use the existing web programming languages all together in order to make the web browsing experience much faster and much better. Google initially adopted this technique ...

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ASP.NET Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi in urdu

ASP.NET is a Microsoft web development framework which you can use to create dynamic and back-end web applications and websites. Unlike PHP, it provides you a developing environment in Microsoft Visual studio where you can play with many on-click tools and components, in fact you don’t need to worry about anything while working with ASP.NET using visual studio which is ...

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Google Webmaster SEO Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is one of the SEO tools which is used by almost every webmaster to check the SEO related data for each website they have verified inside their GWT account. From search queries to server errors and from sitemaps to backlinks, You’ll find everything in GWT related to your website. So after knowing the importance of this ...

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Blog Content Copy Protection in WordPress

wordpress security in urdu

Needless to say, Copying content from other blogs is a very bad practice, but unfortunately still some people are doing this practice to waste their precious time. I have been striving to report websites/blogs which had re-published or you can say copied my content and posted on their blogs, but I’m a human, I can’t spend hours everyday to search for ...

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Google Adsense Automatic Payment Declined Issue [Resolved]


On 23 December 2014, I just checked the Adsense account and the payment page, where payment was expected to be issued today because every year in the month of December, Adsense issues the payments before 25th Dec, and We were expecting the same this year, when I browsed to payment page today, there was a clear message something like this “Automatic ...

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