Tuesday , 21 October 2014

Complete Website & Admin Panel in PHP/MySQL (Urdu/Hindi)


As you know this website is the biggest source for learning free web development tutorials in Urdu & Hindi. We’ve been mostly focusing on creating project-based tutorials since we started this website back in 2011. And yes, we’re trying our best to provide you more and more free tutorials with practical projects and from valuable knowledge we have. Today, you’ll learn creating ... Read More »

Student Registration System in PHP/MySQL in Urdu/Hindi


Creating a web development project in PHP is no longer a big game, We’ve been sharing PHP Tutorials with our readers in Urdu/Hindi, and we created many practical projects in PHP such as creating a simple website in PHP and creating a basic CMS in PHP. Furthermore, we shared a complete series of PHP tutorials in Urdu. Still, we think that sharing ... Read More »

Website Security & Exploiting Video Course in Urdu/Hindi


Hacking attempts used to be very rare a decade ago, but since Internet has grown up and growing every single day. Therefore, Website Security has become an essential part of web development and web applications. Every web developer today needs to be aware of security challenges, and therefore, one of our new instructors “Noman Ramzan” took responsibility of it and ... Read More »

How to withdraw Money from a limited/closed Paypal account?

paypal account

Needless to say that Paypal is an ultimate online payment solution for all freelancers and marketers who work online. So when that is being said, it’s also necessary for people living in countries where Paypal still doesn’t have their operations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq etc. I’m one of the freelancers & marketers living in Pakistan myself, but I ... Read More »

How to Install Disqus Commenting System (Urdu/Hindi)


In Blogging world, getting comments from the readers and engaging with them is the most important and precious part. When that’s said, in order to attract readers for posting comments, we need to have a proper commenting system on our blogs/sites. In WordPress, we have a default commenting system which is very simple and good, but if we want to ... Read More »

How to Add Beautiful Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress?


Adding Beautiful Social Buttons to WordPress sites used to become a headache sometimes, because you couldn’t find a good solution for it according to your requirements, but this time I’ve brought you a great WordPress plugin “ShareaHolic” which you can use to add beautiful social sharing buttons as well as relevant content with thumbnails, this plugin lets your readers share ... Read More »

How to teach & make money on Udemy (Urdu/Hindi)

teach on Udemy

Udemy.com is the largest platform for teaching courses online and for learning courses online. It’s a rapidly growing network offering over 16,000+ courses created by more than 10,000 instructors from around the world. Furthermore, it has 3 millions registered students which makes it the biggest platform in terms of e-learning. It’s been online since 2007 and over the past 7 ... Read More »

PPC Ads – Infolinks Introduces new Features (Review)


Infolinks is included among the top PPC (Pay Per Click) ad networks for several years. The company is growing every single day and has been working to improve the overall user experience for both advertisers and publishers. In the recent years, Infolinks made several changes to the ads which drawn a huge impact over publishers revenue and thus, Advertisers got more choices to spend their ... Read More »