Thursday , 24 April 2014

Celebration Offer – 50% Discount on DVD courses!

discount on dvds

Hello Everyone! Upon reaching 30,000 Fans for, we are giving a 50% discount on all of our complete courses in DVDs. In this special offer, you can buy any of our course with 50% discount from 20th April till 5th May, whether you are in Pakistan or outside Pakistan, you can take advantage of this offer. The procedure to ... Read More »

Page & Domain Authority in Urdu/Hindi (Video)


Page Authority & Domain Authority are those terms which have taken place in SEO’s minds. Today, they are discussed most often over SEO forums and blogs. I therefore, thought to create a complete tutorial on it in Urdu and thus I’m here with a tutorial regarding PA & DA in Urdu language. These terms were basically created by (Formally ... Read More »

Google Hummingbird, Panda & Penguin Algorithms (Urdu-Hindi)


Google is the major search engine and SEO’s always look towards it for ranking & traffic. Whether it’s a small blogger or a big company, all follow Google’s rules & regulations to implement SEO and keep balance between SEO & their content. In order to understand how Google search works and how it’s algorithms are frequently updated, we need to ... Read More »

On-Page SEO – Keyword Density-Prominence & Proximity (Urdu/Hindi)


This article & video tutorial in Urdu belongs to the same series which we started a few days ago on Search Engine Optimization in Urdu. Today, we’ll be learning about Keyword Density, Keyword Prominence & Keyword Proximity. Along with these three On-Page SEO elements, we’ll also learn the rest of the on-page SEO for an article or a single page ... Read More »

How to do In-depth Keyword Research (Urdu-Hindi)


Keyword Research is very important for knowing the nature & upcoming results of a keyword. We can use several tools for this purpose, and we can also logically decide which Keyword is better for our business or website. In the new SEO training series in Urdu, I’ve previously shared the introduction video with you, and now this is the second ... Read More »

SEO in Urdu/Hindi – Video Tutorials 2014-15 Updates!


SEO or search engine optimization is something that has become everybody’s need who runs a website online or a blog. No matter, whether it’s a small business or large, SEO is very important for reaching your potential customers in a very natural & organic way. We’ve been teaching you SEO for last 3 years, and we’ll be keeping you updated ... Read More »

How to Reduce Spam Comments in WordPress


In the starting of this blog on WordPress, I never had any difficulty with “Spam Comments”, I used to receive upto 5 to 10 spam comments daily which is usual for WordPress users. But suddenly, few days back, I received 100+ spam comments every single day, it was full of headache to delete these comments upon login to WP Dashboard ... Read More »

Make Money with Yahoo & Bing Ads (Video) ads

If you haven’t heard the name “Yahoo & Bing Ads network” or “Media.Net” then you might have been missing some important earning potential with your content in the past. However, this is now the time to explore what’s inside Yahoo & Bing ads and how can one earn money out of it. Yahoo & Bing ads formally run by a ... Read More »